Technological Solution   

N.T.S. Muffins Trays

Novacart Tray System is a NOVACART international patent for muffins baking; that meets a great success in every market since several years; it is the alternative to metal moulds, their greasing and washing.

It is a multiple baking cups pan system which requires a lower temperature in the oven and a shorter baking time so that it is possible to increase production and to save energy; the cooling down cycle is faster, too.

It is totally automated, from the filling cycle to the packaging cycle with no need of human interventions.

It is generally accepted that metal moulds need to be greased, cleaned and cooled down in an expensive and bulky handling system: N.T.S. eliminates all this!


1. Mixture filling.
Mixture is directly poured into special baking cups which willlater be used both for baking and for the packaging of the product.

2. Freezing of the Tray System.
The multiple pan of baking cups containing the raw mixture is now frozen and distribuited to the sale's point.

3. Baking at the sale's point even in single portions.
Frozen N.T.S. can be baked even in single portions in coffee-shops or at the confectioners.

4. Ready to eat.
The baked product is ready to besold and to be eaten directly in its original container.


1. Mixture filling.
N.T.S. is a baking cups pan system which allows a complete automation in the filling and packaging lines.

2. Baking and cooling down.

The cooling down and baking cycles take place directely in the baking cups with no handling.

3. Manual or automatic packaging in single or multiple portions.
Thanks to N.T.S., it is possible to automatically prepare single and multiple portions at will.

4. Distribution of the end product.

N.T.S. baking cups are available for distribution. Furthermore, it is possible to personalize them with nice decorations of the paper

Standard type:
Tray brown with golden floral print.
Personalised printing on demand.