Technological Solution   
Novacart Engineering



Since the 80’s Novacart sets as its goal the innovation of its own products introducing every year into the market new products often protected by patents.

In parallel it bets on the process’s development, could conceive product and machine simultaneously.

Thus was born at that time C.M.S (Construction Special Machines), a company wholly owned by Novacart, which grows rapidly and specializes in product's design, production machinery and equipment most suitable for the manufacture of paper stationery

The modern structure uses innovative design tools (from CAD to Solid modelers) that allow to create real  simulations and test to verify the critical phase of the material's design and mechanisms.

At present C.M.S. collaborates with mechanical/electronic engineers and designers, as well as having ongoing relationships with universities across Europe. Studies, designs and manufactures equipment for the Novacart's industrial customers, to automate the product's insertion on automatic lines for food production.

The division employs highly specialized staff, using technologically advanced equipment, produces  mechanical moulds, manufactures machinery and equipment that allow you to create and test new products to launch on the production lines. Moreover refines, improves and updates, articles already in production.

C.M.S is a priority area for Novacart, because it ensures the optimization of production processes at the highest level of automation and is the essential link with the production, ensuring full control of the Quality Standards.

Today Novacart is able to meet any customer requirement, being able to simultaneously develop: the product, the plant for its production and automation for its use, taking advantage of a unique know-how, result of an experience that began in 1926.