Novacart quality system


From the supplying of raw materials to the delivery of products to the customer, the entire processing cycle is punctuated by repeated and strict checks. The results of the checks carried out are recorded, each batch of production is identifiable at any time by means of an IT system.

The systems are assisted by computerized equipment that allows us to monitor and record every machine process.

We maintain the highest level of safety, hygiene and comfort in our work environments, respecting all the sanitary rules of the product, taking into account that it must be used for the food market.

Therefore, a Quality Management System has been set up within the company.

The numerous international external certifications achieved attest to the quality of Novacart products and its production chain.

Novacart is in conformity with the requirements of Standard BRC PACKAGING. For more information on our certifications, you can contact our Quality department.

Quality System

  • FSC ® Certificate

    The FSC ® Multisite Certificate is an international and independent certification aimed at those working in the forest sector or on products derived from wooded areas and serves to ensure environmental, social and economic benefits to territories and communities through responsible forest management, which protects biodiversity and ecosystem.

  • ISO 14001 Certificate

    The ISO 14001 certification attests that the company uses a management system aimed at keeping the environmental impacts of its activities under control, continuously seeking improvement through sustainable practices.

  • BRC Certificate

    BRC Certificate is a global standard certification ensuring the quality and safety of Novacart paper and cardboard products for food use to consumers and retailers.

  • Environmental Policy

    Novacart is committed to improving its environmental performance and preventing pollution. In this perspective, our company has adopted an Environmental Management System in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015.

  • EGEA Certificate

    EGEA Certificate attests that the electric energy employed by the company during the current year comes exclusively from renewable resources.

  • Eco-friendly logistics certification

    The Paneuropa eco-friendly logistics certification testifies that Novacart is constantly committed to reducing harmful emissions during transport.


    The Kosher Certification guarantees that the production process in Garbagnate Monastero plants complies with the standards of the religious Jewish law.


    The Kosher Certification guarantees that the production process in Bosisio Parini plant complies with the standards of the religious Jewish law.

  • Halal Certificate

    Halàl certification certifies that the management system complies with the requirements of Islamic law

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