Novacart Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavirus Emergency: Novacart production in Lombardy is regularly working

Production plants and warehouses in Lombardy are open and producing. The smart-working option has been activated for employees but none of the staff comes from the areas at risk.

Novacart Group informs all customers and suppliers that production plants and warehouses located in Lombardy area (Italy) are regularly open and producing. 

To guarantee the prevention of the outbreak and the continuity of the service, all our staff has been adequately informed to respect the rules dictated by the College of Health. 

We confirm none of our staff comes from the areas identified as "areas at risk" and any external people coming from this area are strictly banned.

While keeping a high alert, our production is regularly working at full regime. We also inform we do not have any issue in the chain supply of the raw materials, as all our suppliers are safe and operating. Moreover as per our policy we have stock of raw materials which allow months of production.

We activated also the smart-working option, in compatibility to the tasks performed, to conciliate work and family organization considering schools and extra-schools activities are closed.

We remain at clients' disposal for any information. 

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