PM Series

PM 95 BP | Plum Cake baking mold in microwave paper

SKU: G9F10280

Plum Cake baking mold in pure cellulose microwave paper, with pink exterior and ecru interior, for 100 grams of product.

The PM 95 single-dose baking mold is a microwave paper baking shape designed for the production of plum cakes. The inner walls of ecru color are formed by a layer of paper resistant to food fats and able to withstand both freezing and baking in the oven not above 220°C. This baking mold is recyclable and, thanks to its particular self-supporting structure, does not need to be inserted into preformed metal molds. The elegant pink design makes it suitable for the presentation of the finished product.

Pieces per case pack: 1050 - Pieces per pallet: 21000


  • Baking
  • Deep-freezing
  • Presentation


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Type of band wave: Horizontal exterior
  • Bottom length: 95 mm
  • Bottom width: 35 mm
  • Mouth length: 125 mm
  • Mouth width: 70 mm
  • Height: 47 mm
  • Volume of product to be made: 100 g
  • Material: Microwave
  • Material features: Grease and oil resistant
  • Resistance to heat: 180°C-220°C
  • Main color: Pink
  • Outer print: Colored
  • Inner color: Ecru
  • Type of border: Flat border
  • Position: Free-standing
  • Disposal: Recyclable
  • Customization: Yes
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