The Spanish Master Pastry Chefs visit Novacart

On February 3, 2023, some Spanish master pastry chefs were guests at Novacart headquarters, accompanied by Cart Service collaborators.

On February 3, 2023 some famous Spanish master pastry chefs visited Novacart headquarters, with the collaboration of our partner company Cart Service.

Here are the names of the guests and our partners from Cart Service:

Eric Ortuño: founding partner, director and pastry chef at L'Atelier Barcelona. Award Winner of the Best Chocolate Panettone of the Best Panettone 2022 Competition of the Escola de Pastisseria in Barcelona.

David Gil: Winner of the JRE-Original Beans award for the 2019 Mejor Pastelero de Restauración competition. Founder of Imasdesserts.

Lluc Crusellas: winner of the title of Best Master Chocolatier at the World Chocolate Masters international competition held in Paris in 2022. He is manager at El Carme pastry shop in Vic (Barcelona).

Lluis Riba: general manager Cart Service Andrés Mármol: Inventor of the “Murciatone”, a local adaptation of the Italian panettone, winner of the Regional Pastry Championship in 1999, winner of the Infanta Doña Leonor Competition, winner of the Best Spanish Chocolate Cake category at the World Chocolate Masters 2011 and for the “Mejor pieza artística de chocolate” competition in 2013.

Carol Vegas and David Pallas: founders and professors of We Love Chocolate and Pastry digital school. David Pallas is a consultant for various industries and contributor to Masterchef Spain TV show.

Lola Secilla: commercial manager (central area) Cart Service

Eva Fortuny: Sales manager Cart Service Sonia Alaminos: Commercial manager (southern area) Cart Service

Miguel Moreno: President of CEEAP (Spanish Confederation of Pastry Entrepreneurs).

Raquel Cebrián: Head of Commercial Administration and Communication Cart Service

Javier Montalvo: Purchasing and Logistic manager Cart Service

A special thanks goes to our Cart Service collaborators who have made this visit possible: it was an interesting moment of confrontation and sharing.

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